Thursday, August 24, 2006

I admit it

I've been slacking off. Sure, I can offer up a litany of reasons (read: excuses) for my behavior, from new scheduling to scheduling conflicts, to writer's block to feelings of lethargy. The reality remains that I'm slacking off.

For this alone, I apologize. For enjoying my time catching up on my reading, playing with my kids, talking to that certain someone in Korea, spending time with my friends, and for enjoying life... I will not apologize.

It is in living that good stories are born, and I've been doing my dead-level best to get some living in these last few days (ok, weeks).

Maybe I've been running from responsibility. It's heavy to carry two (sometimes four) blogs every day, to entertain the two people who religiously read me. It's heady to have two people religiously read me. My ego refuses to allow me to post junk that is not entertaining. So (shrug), I've been avoiding hitting the "publish post" button.

Again, I apologize. If my two readers are still reading, then as early as tomorrow my scheduling conflicts should finally resolve themselves. And I'm working through the writer's block. :)


redwulf said...

I don't thing I'm either of the "religious readers", however, apology accepted :)

Dach said...

I know I'm not one of the religious readers, but I can accept the fact that life happens away from the keyboard.

butthead ex-boyfriend said...

Waah. Get back to work. And let the irony seep in.