Friday, August 04, 2006

A Healthy Rant

Leslie is a dear friend and pregnant woman. The other day we had lunch with another wife and mom who was gushing over the news and then immediately began sticking her very high-maintenance pedicured foot into her glossy-lipped mouth.

"So what do you want?" the accused trophy wife inquired.

"I don't care, so long as my baby's healthy" replied the ever-logical Leslie.

"Oh, everyone says that, but everyone has a preference. What's yours?"

Dear reader, I had the presence of mind to keep my mouth tightly shut. As did the now tight-lipped Leslie, who mumbled something about her husband wanting a boy and letting the rest go.

Good girl! Later, of course, we all but yelled out fool heads off at the audacity of the aforementioned Princess.

"When one of your best friends has two children -- one with spina bifida and one with a severe allergy to cow milk protein -- that the medical community considers both to be "unhealthy", things like whether the newborn has a penis or a vagina seem particularly petty and inconsequential!" I almost screamed.

Leslie concurred in her own vehement outburst.

Because we are both enlightened enough to get that sometimes there are more important things like our own selfish personal prefereneces for certain things, from what we want our spouses to get us for our birthdays to the sex of our unborn children. Sometimes those are the little things we just shouldn't sweat.

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