Friday, August 11, 2006

Georgia Sunset

For whatever reason, I cannot load the image that I would like to. So instead, imagine this if you will:

It is an amber glow with deepest oranges, bright purples, and vibrant yellows. The sky fades to comforting blue hues in the East. The clouds are not the large tumultuous thunderheads of stormy nights, but sleek waves of dancing colors behind the bright orb. It is a quiet sunset, not flashy and awe inspiring, but gentle and subtle. When the glowing sphere finally dipped out of sight, it was still high in the sky, slipping into a calm sea of clouds far to the West.

I noticed it because it was the kind of sunset that gives me peace. It was not vainglorious, was not eccentric, and would have gone unnoticed if I wasn't intentionally taking the time to watch it. This particular day I was at the park with my kids, watching them play, slide, run, laugh, romp... just watching them be kids. Occasionally they drew me into their play, and I couldn't have asked for a better evening, but mostly I enjoyed simply watching them. Not often enough do I pause to take the time to see life unfold around me as it was that night.

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Al said...

Good to see that you finally were able to relax and smell the roses.