Tuesday, August 15, 2006

For the thrill of it

Routine makes for very boring story telling indeed. Chaos, on the other hand, makes for great-yet-scattered stories. These could be major contributing factors as to why this blog has become so irrelevant lately. I've had my fair share of both.

This roller coaster I've been on the last few weeks may finally be slowing to a stop. Good. Now I can go spend my $50 a ticket and take my kids to Six Flags and get on a "real" roller coaster.

Such is my plan.

The thing is about roller coasters, after a while the thrill goes (hopefully before the nausea sets in), and boredom sets in and the bar must be raised. At this point, if my thrill factor bar needs to be reset any higher, I may need to consider becoming a stunt woman (or stunt person for you overly-sensitive PC types). I'm in the land of Golf. How much stunt work do you think I can get here?

Wanted: Person to hang from 50-ft. pine tree by ankles and catch wayward golf balls flying towards them just behind the 15th green. Must be able to catch with accuracy, swing from the branches nimbly, and rappel quickly. Pays by the golf ball caught, no health insurance offered.

Or maybe I could be a stunt driver for Club Car? You think I could get a golfcart up to 50, 60 mph on an obstacle course? (You think I could get a golfcart up to 50, 60 mph??)

The last time I was on a rollercoaster was in June of 2005. It was great. It was a time when I could be carefree for a few hours, and kick back and relax in a way that seems as distant to me as childhood.

I'm not complaining, no. I'm a more centered, calmer person than I was then, too. Mellowed, even. Maybe I'm finally growing up a bit (God forbid!), and maybe I'm just getting more flexible in my old age... it's becoming easier to adapt to changes. And maybe I've just met some good people that have it worse than me and have taught me a more genuine appreciation for my own opportunities.

But without waxing philosophic about it, let me say that I still love roller coasters. I love the anticipation, the excitement, the wind in my hair (preferably whipping my face a bit).... I love the g-forces, the turns, twists, spins, loops, all of it. I can be carefree when I'm on a roller coaster.

But coasters also remind me of my dad and my youth, as they are as close to flying as I get these days. I need to finish my pilot's license and get back in the sky, searching out my own twists, turns, loops.... (Yes, private pilots can learn aerobatics safely and easily....) I miss having wings, even if they are the metal kind. I miss dancing with the clouds in the clouds.... And I'll find my way back there again, be it on a coaster or in an airplane. Just for the thrill of it.

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