Monday, August 14, 2006

The end of Summer

Summer ended for me. Maybe it was in the first few days of August, when my daughter started school. Maybe it was last week, when daily ritual expanded to include homework. Maybe it was yesterday, when I watched my husband fly off to Korea for the next year. It might have been this morning, when I made my empty bed without fully understanding what the act of making it is supposed to do other than keep me busy and teach my kids the importance of making beds first thing in the morning.

So what is summer? Is it just the few months of excruciatingly hot weather (in the South) and high humidity? Is it the time between the end of school and the beginning of it again? Is it a euphemism for something intangible and important? Is it just a dream for both parents and kids of freedom from responsibility and opportunity to live out fantasies?

I can tell you what today is. Today is none of those things. Today is the beginning of something else. And until I get there, I can't even tell you where I'm going. It's an adventure of a different sort, and one I've never been on before.

My husband now lives thirteen hours in the future from me. He has already been where I am going. In many ways it encourages me to ponder the possibilities of bending time, simultaneous universes, and the implications of his being in immediate contact with me, and me half a day behind him. It's as moot as it might be significant. It's fun to let my mind wander though (I wonder if I shouldn't put it on a leash...).

With the internet, we can share our lives instantly in text, voice, video, even as we are separated by those thirteen hours. And we can share ourselves in a way that was not possible before all these neat technological advances were invented, patented, and marketed. It's exciting to me.

Now if he could just somehow reach through the computer and make the bed....

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