Tuesday, July 11, 2006


1. If one is pro-choice, then by default wouldn't one also have to be supportive of assisted suicide?

2. I heard a rumor that PETA wants to have plants acknowledged as suffering pain, and therefore (I suppose) doesn't think we should eat plants or animals. What's left to eat, according to PETA? Will they manage to starve themselves out of existence on all the rocks they'll be forced to try and chew?

3. Ever test the chlorine levels in your tap water? Unless you're fortunate enough to live off of a well or spring, chances are you live in the city and get tap water that will test at having chlorine levels as high as that of a swimming pool. (I've done this, and indeed that was the results of the test.) Now if you're not supposed to drink pool water because of the incredibly high chlorine levels and the potentially damaging health implications thereof, why is it okay to drink the tap water with the same?

4. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop? (Do they still make those anymore?)

5. Did you know that Walt Whitman was the most successful self-published poet ever? (And he did it without a computer, a laser printer, or Word/Word Perfect.) And he is a respected poet. My theory is that the industry as it stands now will not "respect" self-published poets these days because, honestly, it doesn't take a rocket scientist nor a member of the aforementioned industry to self-publish one's own work. It does take a lot of promotion, but even that can be done without an agent, publishing house, or PR department. I guess in their shoes I wouldn't "respect" an intelligent, business-minded and creative talent for doing as good a job or better than the "industry experts", considering the alternative is admitting that they and their jobs are not necessary. Ouch.


prick-flicker ex-boyfriend said...

If one is pro-life, then by default wouldn't one also have to be opposed to war?

Happy birthday... :)

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