Monday, July 10, 2006

I found a poem

This poem was a college assignment where we had 10 minutes to write sentences that began with a specific letter (in this case "I"), and then we alphabetized the sentences and the subsequent list was a "found poem". What I found when I re-read the fruits of my labor surprised me a bit:

Inspired By I

I am alone
I am immune to you
I am no angel
I am no devil
I broke your heart
I brought you flowers
Icon of beauty
I don’t understand
I found love
If for a moment
If you believe
I hear you laugh
I hold you tightly
I hunger for ______
I know nothing
Illusion of love
I long for mercy
I miss you
Impatient yearnings
Incredible you
Indulging fantasies
Infatuated with infatuation
Innuendoes suggested
Inside myself
Iota of one
I see your pain
I see your tears
Is there no relief
It was not there
It will not work
I wait
I want no favors
I was wrong
I watched you cry
I wiped your tears
I would settle for a smile.