Friday, July 07, 2006

books, books, books

Rainy days are for me akin to zen rock gardens. I enjoy the gray skies, the falling drops from the light drizzle to the gulley-washing downpours. Those are the kinds of days that I like to curl up with a good book in an open window (facing away from the wind). Kids have changed that, and now we color, watch a favorite movie, bake brownies or cookies, have picnics on the living room floor, or venture out in the car splashing through puddles, making a game of running in between the drops... that sort of thing. My books collect dust on rainy days.

I make up for it on quiet evenings. I will draw a hot bubble bath and curl up with a book and read until the water is noticably tepid. On occasion I have been known to fall asleep in the bath. I will not blame the book, it was just exhaustion. Invariably, however, I manage to drop my book into the water when this happens.

I love books; in fact, I'm one of those obnoxious types that won't loan out even a paperback I care about because I don't want it back with deep creases in the binding (this has happened too many times before). I buy copies of my favorite books in leather when I can and hardback otherwise and never crack the books, reading and rereading the paperback copies instead -- even the dried ones that have previously fallen in the bath.

This last move I had to make some heavy decisions regarding books. I got rid of two bookshelves and therefore had to get rid of two entire bookshelves of books. I parted with some old friends, some casual acquaintences, and some new bosom buddies. I packed them all up and took quite a few to the used bookstore "back home" and sold the ones they immediately wanted, and the rest I brought here. I found a lovely little used bookstore that takes the books for credit towards more books.

Ugh. More books. Defeats the purpose a bit, doesn't it? $127 dollars worth of credit, which means that I have to spend $252 dollars in book purchases to bring it to zero. Where am I supposed to put all these books!???!

I refuse to buy another bookshelf because I refuse to rearrange my thus perfectly arranged house for another large piece of furniture. I've lived with the chaos of three walls of bookshelves lining the walls and minimizing the actual living space and usable area for the couch and coffeetable and such, and I get too stressed by it. My house is zen-like right now, and I'm a much calmer person for it.

So my credit is collecting dust. Anytime someone visits I insist we go shop my little bookstore and that they use all of my credit that they want to. So far I think I've used $9 dollars of it (it spends at $2 for a hardback and roughly the same for a paperback). Progress!

Let me know if you're planning a visit anytime soon, and we'll go shopping!


SuziSusana said...

you know, it's strange that even though i don't know you - i thought you would like this picture.
it was from the rodeo i went to this weekend. a small town rodeo - nothing big, but i thought, Margo might like something like this.
Maybe it was the whole Brokeback thing, i dont know ... but well - i hope you like it.

Margo Crawford said...

I do like that picture. It reminds me of my daughter, who is a horse fanatic, and also reminds me of a scene in "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmarron", which is probably still her favorite movie. It looks so real and gritty, that I can taste the earth, if that makes any sense. Thank you for sending me the link.