Thursday, June 08, 2006

What's in a Name?

With respect to every Jennifer out there, there are too many of them. Too many Mike's, Brad's, Michelle's, and Amy's too. Sorry. So I compiled a new list of baby names to consider from the source book "Every Paren'ts Guide to Names: Name That Baby" by Jane Bradshaw.

There are lots of (perhaps more practical) names than these out there to choose from, these just grabbed my attention for one reason or another.

26 actual baby names and their meanings:

1. Aage = the kind and good
2. Bonanza = prosperous find
3. Coweesta = guardian protector
4. Dyonssalyn = divine and refreshing spirit
5. Echo = repeated voice
6. Fons = of noble family
7. German = one who proclaims
8. Hyman = life
9. Isangidien = good journey in the lord
10. Jury = tiller of the soil
11. Koo = cherished one
12. Lazviminda = the lord will help
13. Mapu = a rising fragrance
14. No = quiet place
15. Optimum = the most favorable
16. Paisley = from the quiet meadow
17. Quasi = special child
18. Rello = fame of the land
19. Suede = lily of purity
20. Taco = spirited one
21. Ubaldo = prince of intellect
22. Vary = a stranger
23. Wages = a wagon maker
24. Xochitl = radiant and noble one
25. Yaphet = beauty and youth
26. Zephyr = gentle breeze

1 comment:

Ginevra Fanshawe said...

I never liked the name Jennifer until my sister-in-law told me that it is derived from Guenevere---now I like it!

We're having a hard time thinking up a name for our first boy. All of the usual suspects seem so tired, but you don't want to name him something too kooky that will get him beaten up. Our son will probably already be small and skinny, if our daughters are any indication (both of them are well below 0 on the growth chart for weight and only about 10th percentile in height---the little one may be smaller than that. She really does look like a walking doll.) My husband grew up being towered over by other boys, and his response was to become incredibly quick-witted and funny and likeable. Everybody who meets him, even to this day, wants to adopt him or have him host a Friar's Club Roast for them. But if I named my son something weird AND he was tiny, it might just be too much pressure. He'd have to be more than funny. He'd end up in the loony bin.

That said, I really do like "Taco."