Thursday, June 15, 2006

Update on My Dad

My dad underwent an experimental surgery this week, and he's stable.

His liver is filled with cancer (colon cancer that spread to the liver, the blood...). They cut the arteries feeding the largest tumors, and installed a device that will allow the chemo to go straight into the liver. However, his previous chemo treatments have done damage, and his linings are very thin. There is nothing more anyone can do. Either the chemo will work or it won't.

At this point there is no prognosis. It's a wait-and-see game.

Thank you to everyone who has commented here and those who have not but have kept us in their thoughts and prayers. I will report when there is something to report.

To Dach, who commented (to June 5th's "Holding on with both hands") so beautifully and perfectly, I thank you more than you can ever know. Your words have been passed around within the family, and you have given all of us something to smile about.

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The Silver Surfer said...


May you and your family be in every prayers that are said by all in the world praying that your dad fully recovers.