Friday, June 30, 2006

Tying it Together

There are studies regarding children in their mothers, the results of which indicate that when a barrier is placed between a child and its mother, a girl will sit and cry for help and a boy will try to destroy the barrier.

Potty-training is the new game in our house these days. My toddler has gotten very very good at telling me right after he pees. With some coersion, he's getting good at sitting on the toilet, and this even ended with him successfully peeing while sitting there one day. However, as the splash guard on the kiddie seat had long since been flushed, and as I was slacking at my watch station -- changing the laundry over instead -- he managed to pee all over the seat, the floor mat, and the wall. All over the wall.

Nonetheless, it was congratulations all around and Mom got out the heavy duty cleaning agents.

Now the tie in: I was in the bathroom one morning where I'd all but locked myself in for a few minutes of peace and quiet for peace and quiet's sake. I was actually sitting on the edge of the tub, "Jailbird" by Kurt Vonnegut in hand, trying to knock out another two or three paragraphs in the time I figured I had. This particular morning my toddler wasn't having any of it. I got a head start by sneaking out of the room and quickly tip-toeing to my room, softly closing the bathroom door behind me.

I was just reading line 4 when I heard his small voice through the walls calling "Maawm?" "Maawm??" with an up-down, up-up sing-song lilt. I began giggling in spite of myself. But now the conundrum (you avid readers may understand this better than others) was that I was half-way through a paragraph. I had to keep reading till the end of it.

There was a slightly concerned "Maaw!" that escaped his lips, and then he found the shut bathroom door. And the little brute started beating his fists against it for all he was worth, his voice escalated into a full on challenge to the door to dare to stand between him and his mom. "MAAWWW!! MAAWWWUUMMMMMehahummmawnmuh!!!" he screamed at the door, or me.

Well, I gave up on the reading. Placing the book back, I opened the door and reached down to hug and console my son and reassure him that I was okay, and for that matter so was he. Immediately he quit bawling, gave me a quick hug, and pushed me out of his way.

Seems there was some business to finish behind me. He walked over and looked in the toilet bowl (empty) and then flushed it, watching the swirling water disappear. He then turned to me and pointed to his diaper and let me know that he had just peed. Well, he seems to be connecting the bathroom with the act. Ah, progress....

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