Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Some Allegory

**Photo appears courtesy of Darla Gault. All applicable copyrights apply.**

Sometimes I'm the lighthouse,

sometimes I'm the bridge,

sometimes I'm the sand,

and sometimes I'm the water.

One absolute truth. Whichever of the above is true, there is always someone else to be the water when I'm the sand, to be the bridge when I'm the lighthouse, and to be the lighthouse when I'm the water.

What would we do without the "someone else's" in our lives to make it all make sense again?

And for those who spend much of their lives as water -- wandering around until they get close enough to land to beat it with waves of emotion -- watch your words carefully. Water erodes, and so do thoughtless words. Erode enough sand away from that lighthouse, and the whole structure sinks into the sea.

Is that enough allegory for you on this fine ordinary Wednesday?

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