Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Without My Voice

It's beautiful outside today. The air is cool, the sky is dotted with whispy cirrus clouds, and everything is lush from recent rains. So I decided to venture out, enjoy the morning, and knock off some pressing errands.

Heading off to the grocery store with an excitement I hadn't felt in days, I barely even noticed the erratic drivers I shared the road with. I took no particular notice of my favorite fresh strawberry roadside stand being closed, figuring that I could wait until later in the week to complete that errand. And I was even unruffled when I had to double back because I missed my turn, too busy paying attention to the beautifully manicured lawns in front of the stately homes I was passing.

I arrived at the grocery store without coupons and a very short list. Some basics - milk, bread, apples - and the real reason for my trip: kleenex. For on this beautiful spring day, I am suffering the most abominable sinus infection. Not bad enough to need anything that I can't get OTC, but bad enough to be truly annoying, and irritating enough to have cost me my voice.

To the delight of some of my dearest friends, I have been an entire week now without a voice. They chuckle or simply laugh when I attempt to squeak out any sound, or they just enjoy the silence. I don't blame them, really. But this is one symptom that is untreatable. And that makes it the most annoying thing of all.

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