Thursday, May 11, 2006


Shakira, Faith Hill... they have it exactly right. They've been able to successfully market themselves as sexy, sensual, sensuous, and strong women while keeping their clothes on. Faith Hill in the "Breathe" video is one of the sexiest moments in video, and I daresay it's because wrapped in a sheet on a wrinkled bed she is more mysterious and erotic than Adrianne Curry will ever be jumping naked into a pool (The Surreal Life : 4). Likewise, Shakira dripping black paint in a short shirt and halter top (La Tortura video) is erotic because of what it suggests, implies, not what it states.

So much emphasis is put on nudity in film, video, on actresses, models... that there is so much missing from the sex of it that it isn't even noteworthy anymore. The gratuitious sex scene/ nude shot has become exactly that: gratuitous.

Women are so complex that a full-on nude shot cannot begin to uncover their sexuality. Arguably, men don't even want it stripped so bare, because they inherently recognize that it's boring and base. Sure, at an animalistic level, there's very little complaint we will ever hear regarding Halle Berry's exposed chest in any role, but if it's Halle Berry and not the character being put under the microscope, then there's barely any information about her at all in a bare chest.

Last time I asked my male friends what they remembered more -- Halle Berry's nude scene in Swordfish or Faith Hill's "Breathe" video -- hands down Faith Hill won. Why? Because it was just more interesting, more sensual, more mysterious. There's a message for Hollywood and all of us in that. Less isn't always more, for starters.

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redwulf said...

Being both a man and a "guy", let me say this. Never will you hear any guy complain about an attractive woman taking off her clothes. However, those same guys, will agree that they find it much sexier when a woman has on just enough to cover 'those parts'. Why? Though we all know what's under there, the mystery of what it this woman MIGHT look like nude is just that much more erotic.