Friday, May 26, 2006

This Moment

Hold me in your arms like that,
one hand caressing my shoulder,
the other tucking loose strands of my hair
behind my ear. "Your eyes are still mesmorizing"
you say, and I didn't know they ever were.
Silly me. But this is nice, comfortable,
without anything to lose, lying in each others' arms,
laying it all on the line. This is nice,
nothing to gain, really, but the memories of
this moment to add to the ones that have
gone before. Wow, what laughs we've had,
I realize, gazing at your smiling face.
What gift we share between us. How lucky
are we? And tomorrow is as far away as
next year, making it irrelevant if we regret this
moment in the morning dawn.

1 comment:

TheMatrix8475 said...

A very beautiful poem about those true moments in life - whether they be friendly, romantic, or more - that you always seem to have an eye for. You truly have the soul of a poet as I always knew you had...very beautiful indeed. Thank you for sharing this poem of the 'beauty and innocence of friendship.'