Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Dear readers, I have poured over pages and pages of headlines, odd news, and favorite web haunts of mine looking for something interesting to share. I chose my "top 6" to respond to, in the form of one-liners:

Iran Discovers New Uranium Deposits. Or, "how we justified building bombs".
Wyoming Plans Another Ferret Release. I missed the first ferret release....
The band that knows what it wants, Pearl Jam's New Beginning, courtesty of CNN. Don't most bands know what they want?
No Woodstock Girl, Madonna gets booed offstage at Coachella. Is anyone really surprised by this?
Immigrants Try to Extend Boycott Momentum. Is anyone really surprised by this either?
Drastic Bird Flu Plan, courtesty of Fox News. This article describes the White House's plan for pandemic bird flu outbreak if/when it hits our shores, and includes such solutions as having coughing travelers wear surgical masks, employers keeping employees at least 3 feet apart, and suggesting universities decide which dormatories can be used for quarantining. Read the whole story; it's rather informative. Is it more disturbing or more comforting to have this plan in place?

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