Monday, May 15, 2006

New Leaf

So I'm getting pretty good at being in the habit of writing 5 times a week now, and feel a deep sense of accomplishment to that end. But I don't feel like any of my scribblings are worthwhile, and therefore I'm starting this week with a newly turned leaf. I'm going to morph this website into something other than what it has been so far. My top reasons are:

1. there's plenty of news out there for everyone to google without my re-reporting it.
2. there are enough opinions on the social issues of the world to go around to glut ourselves on without adding mine to the mix.
3. I miss the intimacy of the feel of a pen in my hand when the words springing forth from me are personal. (So, in this case, the "pen" is my keyboard. Same sensation).
4. I haven't given you-the-reader anything to care about and more importantly
5. I haven't given myself anything to really care about.

Time to change that.

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