Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day Without Immigrants

It's May 1st, the organized day of protest for illegal immigrants, the day chosen to let America know what life without them would be like. I'm sure, dear reader, that if you're reading my little blog, you already know about this issue in depth.

The mayor of L.A, Antonio Villaraigosa is quoted, in an article by Jon Sarche, as saying "You should wave the American flag. "It's the flag of the country that we all are proud of and want to be a part of. Don't disrespect the traditions of this country."

This author is going to make a short, sweet statement about all of this chaos: non-Native Americans in this country are all descendents of immigrants or are immigrants themselves. There is in place a legal system that allows for peoples from every corner of the globe to become citizens of the United States of America. Use it, and be welcomed with open arms into the melting pot that is our country. Come here illegally, and disrespect the honor of those who came before you -- legally -- and one can expect to be treated without honor by those who still uphold the traditions and values of legal immigration.

There is protesting on both sides throughout the contiguous states today. Under the Bill of Rights and concerning freedom of speech, all the protestors have a right to voice their opinions. I am not in protest of the protest. As for the topic of the protest...

Show me what it's like to live without you, and I'll show you how fast I can adapt to life without you.

P.S. May 1, late evening: I checked the P.M. news to see what was being reported on the events of the day. Read the whole article here. I look forward to see what the news is reporting in a few days, after the hubub is cooled down. My initial response is that while some people know they lost money today, like Tyson foods and Mike Collins' vidalia onion farm, and Los Angeles' schools, others didn't even notice much of a bauble, like Manhattan's 14th Street and parts of Florida. There will be those that will argue that we can't have life as we know it without the illegal immigrants, and there will be those that claim there was no real affect by today's protests. I maintain that I will adapt either way. As should us all.

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