Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Coldstone Favorites

It is a rare thing for me to visit Coldstone Creamery, but it is always a treat worth mentioning. So I'm mentioning a few favorite recipes of some of the Creamery fans I know:

1. Cate's fav: coffee and sweet cream
2. Dean's treat: cake batter and a brownie
3. Mike's version: cake batter, brownie, and marshmallow cream (a.k.a. California version)
4. Renee's choice: "Birthday Cake"
5. Glen likes: sweet cream and vanilla bean, with or without a mix-in
6. Ed-ible: strawberries and sweet cream
7. Jason digs: banana caramel crunch made with cake batter

What's your favorite Coldstone Creamery recipe? Post it under comments. Share the joy with the rest of us!

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