Monday, May 08, 2006

A Brothel for Virgins

When in Berlin, don't forget to visit the red light district, especially if you're a virgin.

According to Reuters, "The brothel... charges 60 euros for a half an hour of sex.

'These are men who either never had sex before or have never been in a brothel before,' the brothel's operator was quoted as saying in Berlin's B.Z. tabloid.

'It's the first house of love in Berlin that specializes in taking care of beginners,' wrote the daily on its front page.

Prostitutes are given 'sensitivity training' for first-time clients, who the brothel operator said are not necessarily young but often 40 or older: 'They need to be aware of how much courage it takes to go to a brothel the first time.'"

There is nothing I can add to this that wouldn't be insensitive. And that would also be insensitive to the trained, sensitive prostitutes of the world.

For those who were wondering, 60 euros is about $76.40 according to the currency calculator at That's cheaper than the trouble of taking a woman out for dinner and drinks, a movie, pop corn, candy and sodas. And you don't have to sweat how far one date will take you. This is male utopia! Of course, you do have to fly to Germany....