Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Black Jeans, the Ben Chronicles part 1

Years back, when I would come home from college, my grandmother and I would always take a day and go shopping. Generally we would have lunch, go look for whatever she thought I needed, from a pair of shoes to a new coat, and we'd inevitably go to the pharmacy while we were out, and she'd get whatever prescriptions she needed refilled. The pharmacy she used was like a Walgreens, so I would go in with her and we'd look around while they refilled the scripts. On one visit, we were looking in the soda isle to restock the cans she kept in her fridge, and this long-legged jean-clad guy was standing on a step stool restocking the top shelf. That made his backside right about eye level to me, as I'm pretty short. I noticed that his black stone washed jeans fit him quite well, and that it was a favorable view.

I think I noticed a bit too long, as he caught me out of the corner of his eye, and came down the step stool to inquire if we needed any help. To add to my embarassment, he called me by name. Well now I had to look him in the eye, didn't I?

The eyes, by the way, were green and enchanting, illuminating an amused smile that was framed by his dirty blonde hair. I knew him alright. I'd had a crush on him my freshman year of high school - his senior year.

For the last two weeks of school that year, he made me feel special. He spent lunch with me, walked me to classes, met me before school and left with me after school. He always wrote me notes in class and I frequently left school with a decently long one to read overnight. He was kind, flirty, romantic, fun, he made me laugh, and as good-looking boys will do, he made me cry. He invited me to his graduation, an honor and something of a precursor of my summer to come - for by that time I had begun considering myself his girlfriend, and then I met his real girlfriend as they walked out of the auditorium his diploma in one hand, her hand in the other.

Here I was, years later, face to face with an adorable guy who was not yet forgiven by me. I wanted to seethe, scream, and fly out of there, but he was simply smiling, completely entertained by my surprise and all the other emotions battling for top billing inside of me. And I was all grown up, wasn't I? A college girl now, wasn't the childishness of high school behind me?

"You're all grown up, aren't you?" he asked mockingly.

"You look good yourself" was all I could muster.

He just smiled with a look that said "I noticed that you noticed". What he said was "You're staying with your grandmother? I still have that number. I'll call you." He then went on to say hi and to charm her before resuming his work.

"Such a nice boy. How do you know him again?" she asked.

Ugh. Against my better judgement, I followed him with my eyes as he walked off, explaining it to her, and I noticed again how nice those black jeans fit him; really it was quite distracting.

"Oh, I remember. Well, when he calls, be sure to invite him over" she said, picking up a 12-pack of soda and heading back to check on her prescriptions.

After he did call, much to my surprise, that pharmacy became my store of choice for everything from aspirin to m&m's for the rest of my visit that summer. But that's another story.


Ginevra Fanshawe said...

Well, what happened next? I'm already madly in love with this jeans-wearing two-timer. Please tell me you married him....

Margo Crawford said...

I will chronicle it for you over the next few days.... Come back and find out what happened next!

Ginevra Fanshawe said...

I will....I'm hooked.

asshole ex-boyfriend said...

Hey! I looked good in black jeans, too...

Anonymous said...

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