Friday, April 28, 2006

The Couple Upstairs

The Onion posted a fun article about loud marathon sex in an apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y., where the older tennants complained in colorful and humorous accounts. Apparently the boisterous love-making of the young couple kept up or woke up surrounding neighbors, who were paying enough attention to the noise to make detailed commentary on it, but complained about it nonetheless.

Isn't that the way though? I remember the last two times I stayed in a hotel (Ft. Wayne, IN and Nashville, TN), where I was awakened in the middle of the night by an amorous pair on the other side of the wall destined to see if they could rattle my headboard in their excitement. The winner of that contest is the Nashville pair. First of all, they had better rhythm, woke me up twice, and lasted long enough for me to feel a bit embarassed for listening (like I had a choice). Secondly, they were more vocal. And finally, I had the priviledge of sharing an elevator with them the next morning. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to watch a woman turn so many shades of red because of one small smile? Next time I'll bet you she sticks her head out the door and sees if the hallway is clear before she leaves her room.

Back to the article. Somewhere in those detailed complaints lies a truth about human nature that many of us would like to deny, but can't, when the facts are presented. Even if we morally disagree with something or when we are embarassed by something, we will still watch or listen with rapt attention because we are all cats, and we are all curious.

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Mike B, aka "TheMatrix" said...

Personally, if I kept a detailed log of such activity myself, I think I would change it up and publish it as a psuedo-erotic romantic novella of some kind, like "Timely Trysts in TN" or "They've got Rythm Tonight" :) Although in my travels over the years I have had similar experiences in my time, and the result is always the same - someone passing in ahallway, in an elevator, at a breakfast, etc, has that 'look' or slightly red face...and its always priceless.

Why complain when it really is human nature - unless it keeps you up all night long, at which point you don't necessarily have to complain, just ask to join - you will either have a nice quiet night or possibly a really fun night.... ;)