Monday, April 24, 2006

Afghan Convert Faces Death Sentence

Reuters reported on March 26, 2006 that Adbur Rahman - a Christian convert - faces a possible death sentence if found guilty of apostasy under Shahira (Islamic) law.

This man, living in Afghanistan, does not want to leave his home even if he is found innocent and set free. He wants to stay in a land where one can die simply for believing in God instead of Allah. He believes that if he left his home, the Taliban would win and his country would not change. His belief in Christianity is causing a stirring that is bringing light to a law that has no room for religious tolerance. And he hopes to influence change. Read the whole story.

Wow. Here's a man who's willing to die for what he believes in, and he's willing to tackle the Taliban head-on, without a lawyer, to defend his right to believe in God, and to die for his beliefs.

A month has passed since the author first read this story. What happened to Abdur Rahman? Is his case closed? Will he be allowed to live, or will he be put to death? And how do you, the reader, feel about the Taliban and Islamic law now? Would you fight to save this man's life so that he may have the right to believe what he wants? Would you agree that his rights are worth fighting for? Would you have the courage to fight his fight if you were in his shoes? Aren't we in his shoes already, with our military presence....

To answer some of that, the author turns to the Boston Globe in an article entitled "Afghan Christian Convert is Freed", which reports that Adbur Rahman was freed due to pressure from the West, but is now searching for asylum. His case has caused conflict in Afghanistan, with some Muslims demanding his public execution and officials fearing anti-government rallies after his release.

Whatever happened to "Islam: a peaceful religion" that was so widely reported when the fighting began? What happened to the Islam of tolerance? If this is the Islam of tolerance, this author really hates to see what happens when they finally lose their temper with Israel.

Rahman was facing the death penalty for believing in God. Now he's facing leaving his home - again - and living his days elsewhere to save himself from those who believe he should die for turning from Allah. Live and let live? Not if it's not a provision in Islamic law.


Grant Miller said...

I believe he moved to Italy.

redwulf said...

I would have to be somewhat dichotomous on this issue. As a Christian, to say it is commendable that he is standing up and willing to face his own death in the service of God, is a severe understatement! However, not all countries in the world are as tolerant as America [used to be]. The Taliban is no longer the governing body in Afghanistan, but the laws there have not yet been changed to reflect that. Which means that he must also abide by the laws....Which means that if he wants to be a Christian (Hallelujah!), he must either leave or, apparently, die. My point here is that just because you come from another country and disagree with their laws, does not give you the right to judge those laws.

Margo Crawford said...

The beautiful thing being that in America, we are granted the right to freedom of speech, which without it, the author's opinion would not be known. Nor yours. Thanks for commenting. Keep coming back!